Turning Old Iron into Gold

Keeping up with our tradition of bringing lost treasures to life,these days we are busy working on fresh builds on two Harley Davidson’s and some rare Iron gems of yesteryear’s – a 1941 Knuckle Head motor and a 1956 Pan Head motor.
Classic Throwback

Being rebuilt from the bottom up, this retro chopper on the table is our latest baby. We are in the process of customizing it with a big ass 140 ci motor pictures and details to come.

Retro Chopper
A Harley Like No Other

Custom one-of-a-kind yellow Harley Davidson, and it is a beauty that we are proud of. Going to painstaking detail, all original parts including the nuts and bolts were used and the final look and feel speaks volumes about the effort that went into the project.

Yellow Harley

Old Iron Projects on the go!

We have got our hands on these 2 motors that nobody else in the city has and we are building beautiful, classic bikes with them. Top-of-the-line restoration is being done on this original 1941 Knuckle Head motor and genuine, top quality parts. Old IronIron Build








Old Iron restoration number 2 with the finest and original 1956 Panhead motor that is a rare find in the city. We will be taking them apart and rebuild them from scratch for unmatched precision and value for the money.
Incredible collector’s value for those who are lovers of antique, vintage treasures like these!



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