The Team


OUR BOSS: Tattoo Tony
Tony is well known in the motorcycle trade. He has worked in the business and for this particular shop for more than 10 years. First as an employee of the now retired previous owner, and as an owner himself since mid-2009.
Tony has been building, modifying, and maintaining his own bikes pretty much since the age of eighteen, with more than one winning a trophy at the local Motorcycle Shows. Some actually winning several times.
As a business owner he has a reputation for honesty, and fairness in all his dealings with both customers and suppliers as well. He puts a great deal of effort into promoting the store, and is well respected by not just those who use his services, but with his neighbours as well.

Steve is very well known in the business having worked right here at this shop for more than 30 years. He is a top-notch mechanic who can perform miracles when necessary to repair some of the oldies for which parts are no longer available, or the new parts don’t fit properly.
He is well respected by all whose bikes he has worked on, and there have been many. He has also been very much involved in the building of custom designed motorcycles, and can probably tell you a great deal about each and every one.


Steven has been riding for many years, and has worked on his own bikes as well as several friends. He has previously worked at another motorcycle shop for four years, and although he just came to us in October 2014, he has proven himself to be a valuable and conscientious member of the Heavy Duty Cycles team.
Steven is working the Apprenticeship Program to obtain his mechanic’s license. We’re sure he will be successful.

Chopper is a valuable member of our staff as he keeps us all in a comfortable frame of mind. He is a very nosy dog, and loves to greet folks when they come in the door, although he’s always protective of his territory.