Turning Old Iron into Gold

Keeping up with our tradition of bringing lost treasures to life,these days we are busy working on fresh builds on two Harley Davidson’s and some rare Iron gems of yesteryear’s – a 1941 Knuckle Head motor and a 1956 Pan Head motor.
Classic Throwback

Being rebuilt from the bottom up, this retro chopper on the table is our latest baby. We are in the process of customizing it with a big ass 140 ci motor pictures and details to come.

Retro Chopper
A Harley Like No Other

Custom one-of-a-kind yellow Harley Davidson, and it is a beauty that we are proud of. Going to painstaking detail, all original parts including the nuts and bolts were used and the final look and feel speaks volumes about the effort that went into the project.

Yellow Harley

Old Iron Projects on the go!

We have got our hands on these 2 motors that nobody else in the city has and we are building beautiful, classic bikes with them. Top-of-the-line restoration is being done on this original 1941 Knuckle Head motor and genuine, top quality parts. Old IronIron Build








Old Iron restoration number 2 with the finest and original 1956 Panhead motor that is a rare find in the city. We will be taking them apart and rebuild them from scratch for unmatched precision and value for the money.
Incredible collector’s value for those who are lovers of antique, vintage treasures like these!




Waiting for spring is akin to waiting for dinner to be served.

The cold drags on and on, then all of a sudden, the rain starts to melt away the snow. There comes a warm breeze and it seems the birds wake up. The clocks move and it is finally sunny until 7:30pm. The bread bowl is empty,  that could either mean dinner is ready or we really are starving! But just as I see the waiter carrying what could very well be our order, they make a sharp left….and it flurries snow for two days! The weather yo-yo’s between freezing and plus figures until finally one day…spring has arrived! Everything starts to grow, the grass, leaves on trees, birds fly back and that sweet scent is once again in the wind. And what we have all been waiting for, longing for all winter long, that first ride, has finally come.

Unlike most riders, there are some who work hard on their bike’s all winter, updating, repairing, customizing, and for a very select few, build from the ground up! We have had the amazing opportunity to work with some fantastic customers this winter to help realize their dreams and build some new bikes, and rebuild a couple as well! Here are some of the ongoing projects we have been working on…

Custom Triumph Build

Custom Triumph Build

Open Belt Drive

2″ Open Belt Drive

1947 Knucklehead

1947 Knucklehead

FXR Build

FXR Build

So many other projects, but as you can see we’ve been keeping busy! Check out our Facebook and Instagram for more detailed pictures and information and to follow along with some of our builds and work.

Until next time!

Winter Hours

Although this past week has felt like summer is making a comeback, we must face the inevitable….fall is here. Now is the time to start thinking about where you’d like to store your bike, and booking your spot. Our facility offers a safe, secure and temperature controlled environment. All bike’s are covered, battery maintained and a free regular oil change is included in the cost of storage ($79.95 + tax value)! From November 1st – April 1st $450.00 + tax. We also offer in and out privileges if requested.

Winter is also the perfect opportunity to have some work done you’ve been putting off, or postponing, during the too-short riding season here in Ontario. We have lots of customer’s come to us in the fall with a list of improvements, or repairs, and winter is the perfect opportunity to make those improvements so they don’t interrupt the time you get to ride. It also helps to break up the long winter riding drought with thoughts about the new and improved bike you’ll be enjoying all spring and summer long!

Our Winter Hours:

Monday – Friday 10:00am – 6:00pm

Saturday & Sunday by appointment only

After Hours please call 416-666-0073



We pride ourselves on our ability to work on older bikes and motors at our shop. It is quite a skill being able to completely dismantle an engine, strip it down part by part, restore each piece with care, sometimes crafting new pieces to honour the incredible work of art a motor can be. Then to put the motor back together, assembling piece by piece, to create a working motor that runs just as perfect as the day it was originally made. Now that is craftsmanship! No getting out the box cutter and pulling a ready-made engine from styrofoam for this job! This is a 1948 Pan Head we are restoring.

1948 Pan Head

1948 Pan Head

1948 Pan Head

1948 Pan Head

This engine has been lovingly restored. To us, it’s better than ever! The craftsmanship that went into this engine has been honoured and we put that same care into restoring the rest of the bike. There is a big difference between restoring a motorcycle and creating something new and unique, we do both and we love each equally for different challenges it brings to our work. We believe that every challenge offers us an opportunity to grow and expand our artistically and mechanically. We are certainly up for that task and we welcome anyone to bring in your “old” bike for us to check out. We guarantee we can give it the respect and attention it deserves.

Here is another shot of that beautiful fully restored Pan Head…

Definitely not a paper weight

Definitely not a paper weight

Another Happy Customer!

Delivering this gorgeous Harley Davidson trike to its new owner today!TrikeIt always feels amazing when we can help a customer live their dreams, whether that is creating a ride that is all their own, showcasing their personality, interests, likes and sometimes dislikes. Or it could be just getting back out on the road. They say when you get a pet, it is acutally the pet that picks you, and it’s as though the two of you were just meant to be….well it is the same for motorcycles! And of course as time goes on bike and rider, just as owner and pet, become more reflections of eachother. With pets it happens naturally over time, personalities meld, hair grays and that love grows stronger and stronger. With a motorcycle its a little different, all of a sudden you feel you want louder pipes, some chrome, accessories, new paint job, and little by little your bike becomes a part of you. Now this process is fun, but sometimes you can get a little confused, there is so much selection out there, what will work with your bike? What will help you acheive the look you desire? Well we are here to help! Come on in and talk to Tony, he can walk you through everything and help you customize your motorcycle, transform a tired cookie-cutter ride into a work of art, a reflection of you!

Under Construction

Come check out our brand new PATIO!!

We are currently constructing our biker’s oasis. Take a ride down and hang out on the patio, catch some rays or enjoy the shade. Join us for a coffee and a chat, we love talking about new projects! Motorcycles are our passion and livelihood, so join us and join in the conversation.

Patio under construction

Patio under construction

For Sale

We added a new Photo Album!

This album is devoted to bikes on the floor you can buy. We will be updating this album as we add or sell bikes, so check back regularly.

As always, feel free to call or drop by the shop and talk to Tony.

Now for the fun part…this week’s showcase!! Check out this incredible ride…this is Tony’s own Chopper. It is a 2005 Buell Custom Chopper. It is incredibly fast…and LOUD! This sexy bike will have the heads turning, guaranteed! The details on this bike can only be appreciated in person, but as you can see from the photo this ride is low and sleek. The clean curvaceous lines scream speed, and to see it snaking in and out of traffic, bombing along the Lakeshore, well it is just a beautiful site!

For Sale

Tony’s Chopper

The New Addition

Tony has been hard at work re-vamping the newest addition…a gorgeous 1985 FXRS Harley Davidson, complete with sidecar!



Almost Done…


So far the bike has had an overhaul. It was taken apart and inspected, replaced old parts, installed new wheels and tires, new exhaust, new handlebars, new ignition system, new fairing, custom tail light, re-chromed and polished parts and a beautiful new paint job. There are a lot of little touches that really go a long way in the overall look of a bike, for example the sidecar’s spoked wheel was completely dismantled, painted and painstakingly rebuilt. Hours of work, but the result is going to be outstanding. The sidecar itself has been completely re-done; it has been painted the same beautiful eye-catching deep red, it is getting all new upholstery, a brand new stereo system, complete re-wiring and new lighting all around, and chrome trim. Stay tuned for pics of the finished product!

Customizations drastically change the look and feel of a bike. Changing the exhaust, adding chrome, new paint job…are all ways riders can show their individuality. Customizing is a way of really making your bike truly yours and unique. Your bike makes a statement, it says something about your personality and you as a person.

So what do you want your bike to say?

Welcome To The New Heavy Duty Cycles

We are anxiously awaiting the weather to warm up, but boy have we been busy! The boys have been hard at work building bikes, customizing, and of course Tony has been working on his newest addition…a sidecar!!

Stay tuned for updates on life in and around the shop, better yet, stop by and see us! You’ll be amazed at what we can do for you and your motorcycle dreams.