Another Happy Customer!

Delivering this gorgeous Harley Davidson trike to its new owner today!TrikeIt always feels amazing when we can help a customer live their dreams, whether that is creating a ride that is all their own, showcasing their personality, interests, likes and sometimes dislikes. Or it could be just getting back out on the road. They say when you get a pet, it is acutally the pet that picks you, and it’s as though the two of you were just meant to be….well it is the same for motorcycles! And of course as time goes on bike and rider, just as owner and pet, become more reflections of eachother. With pets it happens naturally over time, personalities meld, hair grays and that love grows stronger and stronger. With a motorcycle its a little different, all of a sudden you feel you want louder pipes, some chrome, accessories, new paint job, and little by little your bike becomes a part of you. Now this process is fun, but sometimes you can get a little confused, there is so much selection out there, what will work with your bike? What will help you acheive the look you desire? Well we are here to help! Come on in and talk to Tony, he can walk you through everything and help you customize your motorcycle, transform a tired cookie-cutter ride into a work of art, a reflection of you!

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