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In our 45 years, we have NEVER had a claim against us. We put safety FIRST. The best mechanics around.

No Appointment for Oil Changes

Never wait for an oil change again. Need one right now? Come in whenever you can, and we will fix you up in no time.

Full Service Package

5 Point Inspection, All Fluids, Labour and Parts

Regular: $279.95
Synthetic: $329.95


Add an interesting and unique feature to your ride, or bring an older model back to life.
Tell us your ideas! We can make it happen.

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Here at Heavy Duty Cycles, we aim to keep our "friendly neighbourhood bike shop" feel, while striving for excellence. We can make all of your motorcycle dreams come true, whether it's a tune-up, tire change, safety certification, repair, customization, or you want to build a bike from the ground up, we do it all.

Never make an appointment to change your oil again, we are the original home of the Oil Change While You Wait!

With our vast knowledge and experience, our shop is open to buying, selling, repairing and customizing ALL MAKES of motorcycles. We even do trike conversions, so if your ride has two wheels, or three, we're the shop for you!

Please share your experience visiting our shop! And if you haven't come by yet...what are you waiting for?! Come see what we can do for you and your motorcycle.

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